Mandatory Electronic Runner Tracking

Mandatory Electronic Runner Tracking

We require that all runners carry a small, Hardrock-issued GPS transmitter during the run. Check out the MAProgress for more information and a demonstration of their web-based interface to follow runner progress and run flow.

We have adopted this innovation for a number of reasons:

  • Improved ability to locate runners in our Search and Rescue efforts
  • Mitigating risk and exposure to our Search and Rescue Volunteers
  • Appropriate technology that poses a minimal imposition on our runners
  • Requests from our permitting agencies who have adopted similar technology
  • Popularity with friends and family
  • Benefits to runner crews providing aid station support

By accepting entry into Hardrock, you are agreeing to carry the tracking device. The device is relatively small and weighs only a few ounces. The device comes with a strong Velcro strap to secure to your running vest or pack. Alternatively, many running vests have built-in pouches that can secure the device. There is no cost to the runner. We will meet you as you finish to retrieve the device. Failing that, please return the device to an ASC or member of the Finish Line team.

You will be issued the transmitter on Wednesday or Thursday, when you check in for the run, and will be required to return it after you have finished or withdrawn from the run. Please arrive for the runner check-in with your running vest, pack or other kit so we can attach the transmitter for optimal comfort and transmission. See below for further information, including a very short set of slides and video. Feel free to contact us with questions or have them ready at runner check-in.

Here are the Runner Tracking rules of use:

  • You are required to carry the transmitter for the full duration of the run. Your pacer cannot carry it for you.
  • You will not be disqualified if the transmitter is lost or broken.
  • You will not be disqualified if the transmitter appears to be off-course or is accidentally left with your crew.
  • You are not allowed to substitute your own tracking device for the Hardrock-issued one.
  • Instructions on how to initiate a rescue will be provided with the distribution of the tracking devices. Please allow an additional 10-15 minutes during your check-in for a short, personalized tutorial in its use.
  • If you initiate a rescue, you have dropped out of the Hardrock and cannot re-enter the run.
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Download the Presentation (PDF)