Qualification Updates

At Board of Directors meetings, we are always evaluating changes to our Hardrock qualification standards and lottery which we feel will foster a Hardrock Run that we all stand behind. These may affect decisions you make long before our December lottery and potentially affect decisions you make concerning your running season.


2020 Run Cancellation and Lottery/Qualification Impacts

  • How are qualifiers going to work moving forward?
    • 2021 Hardrock (only Veteran and Else lotteries to be held):
      • Qualifiers that would have been applicable to the 2019 or 2020 lotteries will be valid.
        • Aka, completion of one of the qualifiers listed on our webpage in 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020 OR completion of Hardrock in 2016, 2017 or 2018.
      • Never Entrants and wait listers from the 2019 run who are rolled over to 2021 do not need to requalify.
    • 2022 Hardrock: Complete one of the qualifiers listed on our webpage in 2019, 2020, or 2021, or have completed Hardrock in 2017, 2018, or 2021.
  • How are lottery tickets going to work moving forward?
    • The ticket earning process remains unchanged. There will only be lotteries for the Veteran and Else categories for the 2021 Hardrock. Tickets will continue to accumulate in the normal way for each lottery “bucket”.
      • For 2019, as the season was skipped for all, all lottery entrants were affected equally, with no one accumulating additional tickets (except for trail work attendees)
      • For 2020:
        • As the season is skipped for Never lottery entrants, they will all be affected equally, with no one accumulating additional tickets.
        • As the Veteran lottery is based on solely number of previous finishes, not years applying, the cancellation of Hardrock means their ticket count will also be unaffected.
        • In the Else lottery, having applied to the lottery for the 2019 and not having been able to start the run in 2019 will count as a DNS as usual, regardless of whether you were chosen in the lottery for 2019 or not. As the 2019 field rolled over to 2020, no additional DNS will be given for not starting in 2020.

Service Requirement

There is a Service Requirement for admission to the run, consisting of 8 hours service in either a) an aid station at an ultra, b) the management of an ultra, or c) work on a trail used by an ultra. For 2021, entrants and wait listers who have already turned in their Service Requirement Form for either of the cancelled 2019 or 2020 Hardrocks will still have satisfied this requirement for the 2021 run (this includes Veterans and Else entrants who were entered for 2019/2020, refunded, and then re-drawn). Entrants and wait listers newly selected by the December 2020 draw must perform their work no later than Sunday, June 6, 2021 and the form must be received by us no later than Saturday, June 19, 2021, to remain entered in the 2021 Hardrock.

Lottery Changes

Each year, we are faced with the difficult problem of how to choose our starters from now more than 2000 applicants, while still respecting the values that make Hardrock Hardrock. We are always reviewing what we think is a fair mix and will continue to do so in the future. The current number of entrants drawn from each of the three weighted lottery pools are listed below:

  1. First-timers - 65 slots will be allocated for the 2021 run. Entrants and wait lists originally drawn for the 2019 run will be rolled over to 2021 in light of the two consecutive cancellations. This lottery pool is for anyone who has never finished a Hardrock.
  2. Veterans - 28 slots will be allocated to this lottery for the 2021 run. This lottery pool is for anyone who has five or more Hardrock finishes, with the following qualification: an applicant who DNFs in two consecutive attempts beginning in 2012 will be placed into the "Everyone Else" pool until they complete the run in a subsequent year. Applicants will get one ticket for each previous Hardrock finish. The number in this pool is about the same as the number of 5-time finishers bypassing the lottery in each of the past few years, and so comes close to preserving this feature.
  3. Everyone else - 62 slots will be allocated to this lottery for the 2021 run. This lottery pool is for anyone not in one of the previous two lotteries.

Runners not selected in the first two lotteries WILL NOT be rolled over into the third lottery. If fewer than 28 "veterans" apply, the unused slots will be added to the "everyone else" pool.

A separate wait list will be maintained for each lottery. When a runner withdraws from the start list, a runner will be taken from the wait list for the lottery from which the withdrawn runner was chosen.
***Specifically for 2021 - With a temporary increase in the maximum possible field size to 155 for 2021, to keep the overall number as close to 145 as possible, the first 10 drops from the entrant list for any of the three categories will not be filled. The 11th drop will be filled from the category wait list as described above.

The previous year's winners will continue to bypass the lottery, but they will count against the lottery pool they would have been in.

Qualifications for the Hardrock Hundred

The Hardrock Hundred is a "post-graduate" run. For safety reasons, not as an attempt at elitism, we cannot accept novice runners. The challenges faced during the HRH are much more than the exertion and fatigue expected from running 100 miles, and require the ability to navigate the course with uncertain conditions that may include:

  • High Elevation
  • Long, steep climbs
  • Extended distance and time between aid stations
  • Severe weather, including heat, cold, rain, hail, and lightning
  • Water and snow crossings
  • Exposure to potential for falls

Any runner attempting the HRH must understand that these challenges exist and they must be prepared to make decisions for his or her own safety under uncertain conditions without any expectation of assistance. While there is no guarantee that the runner is prepared for every eventuality, finishing a qualifying event gives some evidence of being prepared for the HRH. Finishing a qualifying event additionally improves the chances for a runner to finish the HRH.

The HRH has selected qualifying races to give the runner and the HRH management confidence that the runner is prepared to safely complete the HRH. The qualifying races each exhibit some of the challenges listed above. Some consideration is also taken for geographic location to help provide access to qualifiers worldwide. In addition, the HRH Board of Directors expects qualifiers to be environmentally responsible, have a positive impact on the health of the sport, and support the communities in which the races are held. Generally, events must be held a minimum of two times before being accepted as qualifiers.

The HRH Board of Directors reviews this list annually to add or remove qualifiers as appropriate. When a run is added, the previous two events will be included immediately. In most cases when a run is removed, it will be phased off the qualifying list over two years. This prevents having a finish be eligible as a qualifier one year and the same finish not qualifying the following year. However, the HRH BOD reserves the right to remove a run without the two-year process.

There have been instances where qualifying runs have been cancelled or shortened due to unforeseen circumstances. In these instances, and similar situations in the future, we do not consider that event in that year a qualifier. While this may regretfully prevent some runners from qualifying, the HRH feels the importance of the qualifying process for runner safety outweighs compromising this process for convenience.

If you are interested in your race becoming a Hardrock qualifier, please

Qualifying for 2020 and 2021

See embedded chart below for the qualifying runs the next two lotteries. Look at the column header for which year you'd like to apply to Hardrock, then use the rows listing qualifying runs to determine if your finish will be considered a qualifying run. This chart takes into account races that are being removed as qualifiers - please make careful note of races being phased out!

Application Availability & Runner Refunds

Application to Hardrock is available on Ultrasignup at the beginning of November and typically lasts for two weeks (exact dates to be posted on the home page each year). The lottery will be the first weekend in December. The selected runners will be notified immediately thereafter. Your billing information is collected at the time of application, and if selected in the lottery your full entry fee will be billed using your payment information.

All runners on the 2019/2020 entry list who were chosen from the Else and Veteran pools will have their entire entry fee refunded.

Any runner on the 2019/2020 entry list who was chosen from the Never pool will be offered a full refund if they withdraw their entry by June 20, 2020. After June 20, the usual 50% refund policy will apply.

The general refund policy is a 50% refund if you withdraw from the entry list at any time. This means that if you are selected in the lottery, you will be on-the-hook for at least 50% of the entry fee.

A waiting list will be maintained after the field is full. If you are moved onto the starter's list from the wait list, you will be notified and you will be given the opportunity to decline entry at no cost before your credit card is charged.

Pregnancy Entry Deferral

Eligibility: Any woman who has been selected for the entrants list of the Hardrock Hundred and becomes pregnant prior to run day.

Procedure: Submit Pregnancy Deferral request in writing to the Race Director any time after the lottery is held and prior to the pre-run Thursday check-in deadline. Submit along with request written confirmation of the pregnancy signed by a medical professional.

After deferral, the entrant will be able to re-join the accepted entrants list on any one of the three years following the deferral. For example, a pregnancy deferral used for an entrant in 2021’s Hardrock will be granted entry in 2022, 2023, OR 2024. She must enter Hardrock during the normal application window for the Hardrock she chooses to run, and then notify the Board of Directors that she will use her deferred entry status prior to the date of the lottery.

At the time of deferral, the entrant will have her entry fee refunded in full; she will pay a new entry fee at the time of re-entering the run.

Normal runner application rules and requirements still apply for the year the re-entry is activated, including our service requirement and having a valid qualifier.