Course Marking


Course Marking Director:

Marking and surveying the Hardrock course will be strenuous and provides participants the opportunity to acclimate as well as to see the course first hand. Runners not familiar with the course are strongly advised to participate. All the participants are responsible for their own equipment, food, transportation, etc. These efforts will usually be full day affairs of hiking and running and may be conducted at a slow pace, so be prepared.

This is a great way to learn the course, meet other Hardrockers, enjoy the San Juan Mountains and tell lies about the good 'ol days. All, including runners, crew, and anyone else are welcome but transportation to remote areas cannot always be guaranteed. No preregistration is required - just show up on the days of interest. The detailed course marking schedule is below.

Course Clearing


Course Clearing Director:

While course marking is done by through community outings in the two weeks prior to the run, the entire course is cleared over just a couple days after the run. Key skills are backcountry alpine experience and endurance while carrying a heavy load. Slots are very limited, and fill up fast.