Course Orientation Runs

Familiarize yourself with the Hardrock course and pick the brains of Hardrock veterans on these casual hikes/runs. While these are not intended to be hard training runs, note that no section of Hardrock is easy, and all participants are responsible for showing up in shape for the day’s effort and bringing their own food, water, and gear. Poles and rain protection are recommended; extra 4WD vehicles appreciated. Meet at 7am each morning at 750 West 5th Street, Silverton, except as noted. Contact for more info. 2024's schedule will be posted by mid-June.

Course Marking


Course Marking Director:

Course Marking will be following the new model introduced in 2021, with small dedicated teams marking the run in the days immediately prior to the start. There will not be public group marking expeditions as in past years. There will be course previews and orientation hikes led by Hardrock veterans in the two weeks prior to the event. See schedule above.

Course Clearing


Course Clearing Director:

The entire course must be cleared within 48 hours after the run. Key skills are backcountry alpine experience, endurance while carrying a heavy load, and having the course GPS coordinates and the skills to use the device in case route finding is required due to missing markers or extreme weather, fog or clouds, for example. Slots are very limited, and fill up fast.