Trail Maintenance


Trail Work Coordinator:

Hardrock Trail Workdays 2024 will be July 6 & 7.


Q. I didnt get an email from the Coordinator

A. Sorry about that. Send an email to , and plan on meeting us at the Silverton School outdoor basketball court (12th & Reese) at 8AM Saturday.

Q. What do I need?

A. We ask that all participants wear long pants and have gloves available. Bring a lunch, snacks, water and sun protection.

Q. Where are we working?

A. This is a moving target, and we work at a variety of locations along the Hardrock course, as well as other local trail systems. Locations are determined based on need.

Q. How long will I be working?

A. This is mostly weather dependent. We are working to get to the point where we can plan on a longer day Saturday, and a shorter day Sunday.