Hardrock Run Reports & Photos

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2024 Hardrock 100

Photos - Cody Bare
Pulling Out Some of the Stops with This One - David G. Swanson

2023 Hardrock 100

Photos - Little Giant - Alex Pashley
Hardrock 100 Race Report - Rachel Kelley
Photos - Finish - Jim Porter
Hardrock Weekend - Shad Mika
Kisses from Silverton - Anne-Lise Rousset
2023 Hardrock Hundred CCW Race Report - Fire and Ice Year - Evan Kimber
The 2023 Hardrock 100 Endurance Run - traditions and community through wild & tough conditions - Altra
The Enduring Allure of the Hardrock 100 - TrailRunnerMag
Observing Joy - A Runner's View of the 2023 Hardrock 100 Course - Bryon Powell
Geology of the Hardrock Endurance Run - Magdalena Donahue
Greg Bargo and the Hardrock 100
Hardrock 100 Recap - Dylan Bowman
Why Hardrock Endures - UltraSignup
Hardrock 100 - Kunal Patel
Emily Hanlon's 2023 Hardrock 100 Recap
Dylan Bowman - Trail Running Will Save the World Ep2 - New Chapter
Jocelyn Briggs - Hardrock 100 to The Divide 200
Kimimo Miyazaki - into the High Mountain

2022 Hardrock 100

6 Takeaways from Hardrock - Hendry Howard
Hardrock!!!! - Shad Mika
Anatomy of an Aid Station - Animas Forks - Sarah Lavender Smith
An "Official" Hardrocker - Nick Ferrera Crewing & Pacing the 2022 Hardrock 100 - Jeff Pelletier The Heart and Soul of Hardrock - Howie Stern
Hardrock Heartstrings - Heather Rochfort
Party at the Burrows Aid Station - John Kelly
2022 Hardrock 100 - Joey Luther

2021 Hardrock 100

Hardrock 100-Mile Race Recap - Aaron Saft (podcast)
Terry Miller | Lessons from DFL at Hardrock 100 (podcast)
Hardrock 100 2021 Race Report - Marta Fisher
Fulfilling a Dream: Becoming a Hardrocker! - Nick Ferrara

2018 Hardrock 100

Compilation of iRunFar's coverage of Hardrock
SBNation Interview with 2018 Women's First Finisher, Sabrina Stanley
HardRock 100 2018- 31:39:52 by Adam St. Pierre
I thought I was ready, I had no idea by Bryan Slotterbach
Hardrock Hundred by Owen Wainhouse
Hardrock 100 - 2018 Clockwise Loop video by Owen Wainhouse
Eyes Wide Open by Bryon Powell

2017 Hardrock 100

Denver Post: He took nearly 48 hours to finish the Hardrock 100. The race’s winner was waiting for him.
Photos from Joey Schrichte
Denver Post: Kilian Jornet dislocated his shoulder 13 miles into the Hardrock 100. Then, he won the race.
Photos from Ben Wyrick
Hardrock 34:42 - Report by Garret Christensen
Photos from Patchanida Pongsubkarun
iRunFar Results Article
iRunFar Collection of Pre- and Post-Run Interviews
iRunFar Photo Albums from Little Giant, Cunningham Gulch, Maggie Gulch, & Grouse Gulch
Debbie Livingston - 2017 Hardrock Endurance Run
Despite Pain and Agony, Champions Emerge at the Hardrock 100-Mile Endurance Run – Runner’s World
Foreign legion controls annual Hardrock 100 – Telluride Daily Planet
Hardrock 100 pushes Steamboat Springs athletes to new heights in San Juans – Steamboat Today
Behind the Scenes at the 2017 Hardrock 100 – Trail Runner
Conquering the San Juans: Locals Chat about Racing the Hardrock 100 – Aspen Times
For A Kiss - Joe Grant
iRunFar’s videos of the top-three men’s finishes and short finish-line interviews
iRunFar’s videos of the top-three women’s finishes and short finish-line interviews
Salomon’s photos
Philipp Reiter’s photos
Denver Post photo gallery
Criss Furman’s photos
Jamil Coury’s video
Adventure Pro’s video
Altra’s video
Camp Hardrock - Run Steep Get High
Volunteering at HARDROCK 100 - Better to Give - Nick Ferrera
Tougher Than Hail. Hardrock 2017 by Adam Hewey
2017 Hardrock 100 Race Report by John Burton
2017 Hardrock Endurance Run by Debbie Livingston
Solving the Hardrock 100 by Nick Coury
Hardrock Hundred, An Adventure Of A Lifetime by Steve Tucker
How to run one of the world's most brutal races by Red Bull, Joe Ellison and Scott Jaime
Hardrock 100 Endurance Run 2017 Race Report by Steven Moore
My Fourth and Fifth 100 Miler by Peter Lawson

2016 Hardrock 100

Denver Post: At Hardrock 100, Kilian Jornet and Jason Schlarb finish as co-champions
Denver Post: Hardrock 100 runners endure heat, high wind on one of world’s toughest courses
Denver Post: Photos: Faces of the 2016 Hardrock 100
Durango Herald: Kilian Jornet embodies what Hardrock 100 is all about
Durango Herald: Blake Wood attempting milestone finish at Hardrock 100
Durango Herald: Bryon Powell, iRunFar a big part of Hardrock 100
Durango Herald: 114 finish Hardrock 100
Durango Herald: How to follow the Hardrock 100
iRunFar: 2016 Hardrock 100 Results
iRunFar: Hardrock Pre- & Post-Run Interviews + More
iRunFar: Hardrocking: Sharing The Lode
National Geographic - Camaraderie Wins in the World’s Toughest Footrace
Stuff - Anna Frost wins Hardrock 100 in Colorado for second year running
5280 - Inside One of the World's Toughest Ultramarathons
Telluride News - Kilian Jornet returns for his third Hardrock 100
Semi-Rad - US VS. US
The Unknown | Timothy Olson and the Hardrock 100 (Preview) - Video by Billy Yang
Stafe Outerwear - Hard Rockin' Teddy (Video)
Down to the Very Marrow: My 2016 Hardrock 100 by Andy Jones-Wilkins
The 2016 Hardrock 100 by Harry Hamilton
Hardrock 100 2016: The Tale of a Golden Hour Finisher by Ellen Silva
Rockhard Hardrock 2 Hundred – Double Hardrock 100 Attempt July 13th-16th 2016 by Alan Smith (Unofficial - Not a Run Entrant)
2016 Hardrock 100 by Ted Mahon
Almost Too Wild & Tough: Three Dawns at Hardrock 100 by Andrea Feucht
Ultrarunning, the ultimate team sport by BJ Haeck
Living in the Shadows of Doubt: The 2016 Hardrock Hundred by Howie Stern
The Pursuit of Happiness by Joe Grant
Kissing the Hardrock for the third time by Kilian Jornet
Hardrock 100: The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done by Dmitriy Kernasovskiy
Hardrock 100 2016 by Donald Beuke
2016 Hardrock - Crowd-Sourced Photos
Smartwool Hardrock 100 Photos 2016
Mountain Peak Fitness Photos
Grouse Gulch Photos by Jigger & Paul Staby
Kroger's Canteen Photos by Jared Campbell
Hardrock 100: sur-réaliste et incroyable! by Frederic Morand

2015 Hardrock 100

Denver Post: Kilian Jornet & Anna Frost Win Hardrock 100 in Silverton
Durango Herald: Hardrock 100 Builds a Strong Sense of Family
Adam Hewey's Blog Run Report - "I've Got Friends in High Places"
At Long Last, Requited Pain and Love at 29 on Margaret Gordon's blog
Kroger's Canteen Video by Salomon Running: YouTube Video of Hardrock 100
Bethany Draper's Blog Run Report - "Hardrock 2015 - Wow, just Wow"
Steve Barge's first-person perspective video of running Hardrock
Hardrock 2015 by Tim Adams
Running with purpose : Hardrock 2015 by Barbara Olmer
UltraRunnerPodcast Interview with Darcy Piceu, 3x Hardrock Champion
47:59:59: Bogie Dumitrescu's 2015 Hardrock 100 Finish

2014 Hardrock 100

iRunFar: Between a Hardrock and a Place
Denver Post: Hardrock 100 is Tough to Get Into, Tough to Finish
Denver Post: Hardrock 100 run a remarkable way to bring Family together
Denver Post: Kilian Jornet of Spain sets course record under 24 hours at endurance run
Durango Herald: The Anxiety of the Hardrock100 Starting Line
Durango Herald: This Year's Hundred and Embarrassment of Riches
Timmy Olsen Run Video
Joe Grant Run Report
Dakota Jones Run Report
Mick Jurynec Run Report
John Burton Run Report
Ted Mahon Run Report
Jeff Browning Run Report
Ian Corless Podcast
Kirk Apt Interview on 20 Finishes
Hardrock 2014 from Tim Adams

2013 Hardrock 100

Hardrock 100 - Hundred Mile Endurance Run Video by S4
Hardrock 100 - Hundred Mile Endurance Run Video by Kurt Madden
Beautiful Hardrock Images Photos by Tetsuro Buford Ogata
Hardrock 100 Run report by Troy Howard
2013 Hardrocking by Steve Pero
Hardrockin Out: A Hardrock 100 Pacer Report by Paige Dunmore
Results and Reflections from our TALON Tread by EnduranceBuzz.com
Counter Clockwise Redemption: 2013 Hardrock 100 Run Report | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | by Rob Youngren
Hardrock 100 - The Moose Man Cometh
Hardrock 2013
Hardrock Experience Report
Hardrock Hewey and the Psoas Kablooey

2012 Hardrock 100

iRunFar's Interview with 2012 Hardrock first female finisher Darcy Africa
iRunFar's Karl Meltzer interview
Hangin' out at Hardrock video by Carson Rickey
Aid Station photos by Pole Creek Aid Station Volunteers
Pictures of Hardrock by iRunFar
2012 winner, Hal Koerner's blog post on 2012 Hardrock
Hardrock 100 Run Recap by Darcy Africa
Looking Back at the 2012 Hardrock 100 by Scott Jaime
The Challenges of Hardrock by Noe Castanon
Reflections on Hardrock 100 by Joe Prusaitis
Hardrock Hundred report by Adam Wilcox
Reflections on Hardrock by Steve Pero
Ride the Lightening, Kiss the Hardrock
A First-time Experience by Jacob Evens
Life at Chapman Aid Station
Bob Crowley - The 3Ps of Hardrock: Preparation, Patience and Perseverance

2011 Hardrock 100

Salomon Team - Hardrock 100 Miles 2011
Hardrock Photos by Christian Johnson
Hardrock 2011 photos by Helen Flannery
Hardrock 100 (three shoes, two guys) by Nick Clark
"Did You Pack a Light" by Misti Hurrikane
Hardrock 100 Run Report by Rich DeSimone
2011 Hardrock 100 Run Report by Ryan Martin
2011 Hardrock Hundred ...or 42 by Steve Pero
Sufrimiento by Luis De Arriba India *(written in Spanish)
Hardrock 100 - 2011 run report by Marcy Beard
DNFing at Hardrock by Nick Coury
Hardrock 100 Run Report by Christian Johnson
Beauty and Fear at the Hardrock 100 by Betsy Nye's pacer

2010 Hardrock 100

Pole Creek aid station photos on Facebook
Denver Post Hardrock 100 article featuring Jim Sweatt
Hardrock 100 thoughts and photos by Ted Mahon
Hardrock 100 run report by John Sharp

2009 Hardrock 100

Photos and report by Ted Mahon
Photos by Mike Bur
Notes from the Putnam Aid Station by Marcy Beard
Article in the Telluride Daily Planet
Report by Matt Mahoney

2008 Hardrock 100

Run report with photos by Andy Hewat
Report by Nick Coury
Report by Craig Slagel
The Colorado Springs Gazette article
Photos by Matt Mahoney

2007 Hardrock 100

Run Report by John Prohira
Run Report with photos by Markus Mueller
Report by Matt Mahoney

2006 Hardrock 100

Photos by Chuck Baughman
A report by Kate Lapides of crewing for Kirk Apt over the years
Lyrics to the Hardrock song performed by Roch Horton and John DeWalt at the awards banquet
Photos (particularly fine!) by Klas Eklof
Photos and report by Jason Halladay
Photos and report by Joe Prusaitis
Photos while crewing and pacing by Bill Losey
Photos and a report by Matt Mahoney of missing the finish cutoff by 6 minutes
Story of running a DOUBLE Hardrock by Peter Bakwin
Story by Andrea Feucht
Story by Will Vaughan
Story of pacing by Lisa Butler

2005 Hardrock 100

Report by Rodger Wrublik
Report by Joe Prusaitis
Report by Martin Miller

2004 Hardrock 100

Photos by Matt Mahoney

2001 Hardrock 100

Photos by John Robinson
Report by Matt Mahoney

1999 Hardrock 100

Photos by Eric Robinson of the 1998 and 1999 runs

1997 Hardrock 100

Stan Jensen's Hardrock Photo Page

1994 Hardrock 100

Report and photos by Blake Wood