Runners | Rules Summary

All runners are expected to have read the Runners Manual in its entirety. Here is a summary of what we think are the important points! It is our goal to provide you a safe, well-organized and spectacular running experience. In order to do this we ask that you help us by abiding by these guidelines.

  1. No Muling. Pacers may not carry water, food, flashlights, shoes, clothing, or other supplies for their runner or provide any other type of mechanical or physical assistance to their runner on the course.
  2. Runners must leave each aid station by the posted Cut-Off time.
  3. No stashing of supplies along the course and no accepting aid except within 400 yards of a designated aid station.
  4. Runners agree to be pulled for medical and safety reasons if it is determined that such action is in your best interest by run staff.
  5. Aid Station Captains have the authority to act on behalf of the Hardrock run management.
  6. Runners may have only one pacer on course with them at a time. Pacers may meet their runners at crew access aid stations only.
  7. The course is closed - runners are required to follow the specified route. This includes no cutting of switchbacks. If a runner deviates from the route, they must backtrack to the point at which they departed before continuing.
  8. All runners must complete a Service Requirement prior to the run’s start.
  9. All runners are required to carry a run-provided GPS Tracking device.
  10. Runners are responsible and accountable for the actions of their crews/pacers before, during and after the run.
  11. Runners are not allowed to take a ride in a vehicle where it advances their progress or compensates for runner error. Runners may, after checking into an aid station, rest and get warm in a stationary vehicle.
  12. Runners that drop must inform the nearest Aid Station Captain, have them cut off their ID bracelet, and turn in their GPS tracker.

Notable rule violations will be taken up by the and a tribunal of run staff. Penalties may include time penalties, disqualification and/or banning from future Hardrocks. The Run Director has final discretion on all penalties and questions that arise.

Tommyknocker Tales

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